Frequantly Asked Questions

What is this?

This is a simple application to bring together those wanting vanity Bitcoin (or other similar cryptocoin) addresses with those who have the necessary hardware to generate addresses in a practical amount of time. It uses split-key generation methods so that the private key for the address you get is not known by anyone besides you. It is designed to be functional rather than pretty and at this point requires some knowledge of how the generation process works to request and use your new address.

What fees does the pool charge?

The pool charges a fee of 5% or 0.001 BTC, whichever is larger, but bounties of less than that amount will still get your work listed with a payout of 0 listed. Work will not be shown on the available list until some payment has been received with one confirmation. The rewards given on the work list are the actual amounts miners will receive with the fee already deducted.

How do I get my address after it is generated?

You will be sent an email with the information needed to get your address once it has been generated. It will require some tool with the ability to add or multiply EC keys, I would recommend using something that does it offline. The Armory bitcoin client has a calculator that can do this as well as the page at The email you get will have more specific instructions depending on the method used in the solution that is found for your address.

How do I earn BTC mining for addresses here?

Currently available work can be found in machine-readable format at in the format "prefix:private key:network byte:reward;comment", one work per line. Solved work can be be submitted to or to the getwork page with these arguments:
keyThe key for the work solved, in the format "prefix:private key"
privateKeyThe solution found, in hex format
bitcoinAddressYour bitcoin address to send the bounty for the work to

Will you add feature "x" to the pool?

I'm willing to listen to suggestions, but no promises. You can email me at

What happens if my address isn't found?

Work will stay available until it is found. You can add to the bounty at any time if your original amount turns out to not be enough to convince anyone to work on it. In the case that the site gets taken down I will submit any available work at that point to another similar pool with your bounty amount.

Can I make my address get found any faster?

Adding to the bounty for your address can attract more miners, but for complicated addresses it can still take a while. If you are requesting multiple addresses make sure to use the same key when requesting them as most miners can work on multiple addresses from the same key at the same time.